About Us

Pathwayz Communications is a leading provider of business voice and data services in Texas including Business Ethernet Service, T1 Service, ISDN PRI, DSL, and analog telephone service. Our advanced fiber optic network ensures reliability and unsurpassed performance at affordable pricing with extraordinary customer service and support.



Our History

During the late 1990s, the telecommunications industry saw new government guidelines that opened the door for smaller companies to bring products to market, and a new demand for internet connectivity provided even more opportunity. The result was a Wild West free-for-all—companies of all different backgrounds and skill levels competing tooth and nail for market share.

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It was into this environment that Pathwayz Communications was born in October 1999 in Amarillo, Texas. Pathwayz was the vision of one man, Paul Chapman—still President and CEO—and he believed he could create a company that could outperform the competition.

Amarillo, due to its geographic location in the center of the country, was a crossroads for telecommunications. Competition for the market was fierce, with local players appearing daily and international companies traveling to and through the city with deep pockets and slick marketing campaigns. Pathwayz searched for a way to differentiate itself, and Paul, son of a high school basketball coach, believed that good fundamentals make champions. Offer excellent products, respond quickly to issues, bill correctly, keep focus on the customer, hire and retain talented people, and build with the future in mind—a simple idea that is difficult to execute.

Federal regulations in 2003 and 2004 changed the playing field for the small players and most did not survive. Pathwayz re-built infrastructure to limit exposure to the increased operating costs those policies created, and the continued focus on the fundamentals of business kept the company alive—without a bankruptcy, merger, or management restructure. The company emerged stronger than ever.

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In 2009, Pathwayz expanded its product offering to include telephone systems and network equipment and opened the first branch office in Fort Worth, Texas. At the darkest moments of the country’s economic recession, Pathwayz was growing and expanding. In 2014, a second branch office opened in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Pathwayz continues to grow—deliberately, in measured steps, with a strong balance sheet—always maintaining the core values that have created the successes of the past and certain those same values will create the successes of the future.