ShoreTel Connect CLOUD Is On The Way!

To quote Douglas Adams in the Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy, “Don’t Panic”. Interesting things are on the horizon for our ShoreTel Sky customers—and those who soon will be. ShoreTel Sky is becoming ShoreTel Connect CLOUD and there appear to be some significant improvements—especially in the user interface. We’ll keep you updated as we see more, but be on the lookout for some upcoming posts where I’ll go into some detail and impressions as I use the new software.  For those of you with on-premise equipment or who are on Pathwayz Hosted products—there’s no reason for concern.

Wherever You May Be; There We Are

We’ve been logging a lot of miles recently—getting work done all over the country. Here are some of the places we’ve been in 2015: Davenport, Osceola, and Webster City, Iowa Orangeburg, South Carolina Austin, Perryton, Cactus, and Canadian, Texas Lincolnshire, Illinois Cleveland, Ohio Orlando, Florida New Orleans, Louisiana And, of course, lots of places in and around DFW, Amarillo, and Las Vegas. The Pathwayz US Tour 2015 will continue. Hamilton and Corpus Christi, TX, are already scheduled and we’re going to reappear in the Midwest very soon.  So, wherever you might be, we’re always happy to build you a solution.

Speed Testing

Finding out how fast you’re connecting to the internet is a pretty simple process, but sometimes the results are a surprise. There are several sites that provide free speed tests including ours, The most popular around the internet are probably and When you run the test, you’ll want to know how much bandwidth you should expect. That information should appear on your initial installation paperwork and on your monthly bill. Your provider should also be willing to provide you with that information when requested. You’ll have different speeds for upload (how fast you can send) and download (how fast you can receive). A T1 circuit, for example, is 1.5 Megabits per second on upload and download. So,

Amplify employee communication

  Using email to conduct important business always starts with the best intentions – saving everyone time. Just think back to the last time you used email to solve a significant business issue or answer detailed questions from an important customer. But sometimes email creates a disaster of miscommunication. Tone, intonation, and emotion get lost in translation. Messages and ideas are misunderstood. Nothing really gets accomplished. So, what’s your obvious next step when email isn’t working? A meeting in person, or a quick conference call. Unfortunately, those communication methods can create a whole new problem. In an increasingly mobile business world where teams, employees, and customers are spread out over multiple remote offices, work-from-home setups, or field operations, it can

Bandwidth Snake Oil

  Is a bigger internet pipe the fix to your problems? Maybe. First let me say that a faster, more stable connection to the internet is almost always a great idea. But there is a growing trend to see bandwidth as the business wonder drug. Video conference cut out? More Bandwidth! Phone call sound bad? More bandwidth! Need productivity? More bandwidth! Male pattern baldness? More bandwidth! But some applications require more than just speed. Using the internet for voice and video traffic creates unique issues, and sometimes more bandwidth won’t solve the problem. Some of this is based on how the internet works. For example, you access your favorite website and as the page loads you see some text, then

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