Pathwayz Network Solutions is Pathwayz Communications

Usually, I make these posts not just for our customers, but for anyone seeking some GeeWhiz telecom info. Today, however, I’m addressing our name change for those of you who already do business with us.

For 6 years we’ve been Pathwayz Network Solutions in DFW (and more recently Las Vegas), but we are now Pathwayz Communications in all the markets we serve.

Pathwayz Communications has always been the parent entity of Pathwayz Network Solutions, and has been around since 1999.

We have the same owners, personnel, contact information, everything. Official letters will go out this week and we have updated W-9s for those companies that need them on file.

The real question, I suppose, is “why?”

Pathwayz Communications has been serving the Texas Panhandle with business voice and data connectivity products since its creation.

As our capabilities increase in other parts of the country, the line between the connectivity provider and the equipment sales and service branches of the company starts to blur.

We realized that it just made more sense to have one entity, one logo, etc.  The next few years will see a lot of new products and services across the country and we’re excited.

I’ll make sure and update you all on what we have to offer so be on the lookout.