tsupportPathwayz Communications strives to provide the best overall value for your communications and internet spending. As part of this goal, we subscribe the following set of customer service values – we think you will like them.
  • A real person who can actually help you should answer the phone! You should not have to spend five minutes keying numbers into your phone before talking to a person who asks for all the same information again.
  • You should be able to talk to the same person twice. When you talk to someone at Pathwayz, we will give you our name so you can call back and talk to the same person if you have another question.
  • Your provider should not call and interrupt your dinner! Pathwayz Communications does NOT engage in any residential telemarketing.
  • You should be able to contact us via email or written correspondence with confidence that we will receive it and act upon your request.
Contact us by phone at: In Amarillo – 806-350-9000 Toll free – 888-778-4241
Mail: 4176 Canyon Drive Amarillo, TX 79109
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