Setup Voicemail

Your telephone line uses the “call forward busy” and/or “call forward no answer” feature(s) to send calls to voice mail while you’re either on the phone, or if you’re unable to answer a call.

Follow the steps below to setup and personalize your voice mail box:

  1. Remove answering machine from line if necessary
  2. Call (806) 350-9400
  3. At the ‘mailbox number’ prompt, enter your 7-digit phone number
  4. At the ‘passcode’ prompt, enter your 4-digit passcode
  5. Press 0 for mailbox options
  6. Press 5 to change your passcode
  7. Enter your own 4-digit passcode followed by the pound (#) sign
  8. Re-enter the same 4-digit passcode for verification followed by the pound (#) sign.
  9. Follow prompt to record your name and messages
  10. Your voice mail box is now ready for use