The 400 Series

ShoreTel’s latest generation of phones—dubbed the 400 series—has the same reliability and functionality of the previous iterations—the 200 and 500 series, with some excellent additions.

The 400 series has more programmable buttons than their predecessors—so there are lots of opportunities for customization.

They’ve renamed the “redial” button more accurately to “history” which displays more historical call info on a larger, crisper screen. They’ve also added visual voicemail capability to the phone itself, so users without access to the communicator software can still have the convenience of bypassing an audio-based menu to navigate and manipulate their messages.

Technically, they represent the first generation of completely SIP compliant phones by ShoreTel, and they are the first generation of ShoreTel designed hardware built to work in premise-based systems and on the ShoreTel SKY network.

We’ve installed lots of these since their 2014 release, and they’ve been rock-solid.

As always, we’re excited about showing them off, so schedule a demo and see for yourself.